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TOULOUSE/LONDON – 24 February 2023 – 10:00 GMT

NeoVirTech (NVT) and BioImmunitas Ltd enter a long-term partnership to advance a human recombinant protein therapeutic platform from bench to bedside. BioImmunitas Ltd has developed a highly cost-efficient series of recombinant proteins which form the platform therapeutic agent. This highly innovative treatment has been shown to be efficacious in several different therapeutic areas. Their collaboration with NeoVirTech has seen BioImmunitas utilize NVT’s proprietary antiviral discovery platform to position its own therapeutic hRPP on the anti-viral market.


Developing innovative product through BioImmunitas hRPP

BioImmunitas is a UK EIS-qualified pharmaceutical company developing pioneering treatments based on a unique and innovative human recombinant protein platform. The platform is composed of a series of human recombinant proteins which, when combined, constitute a multi-faceted therapy which has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. Following a collaboration with Genscript ProBio, a major CDMO company for the production of a large batch of hRPP, Bio Immunitas is moving at warp speed so as to initiate human clinical trials – phase I by Q2 and phase II by Q3 in 2023.


Testing on the most innovative antiviral screening platform at NeoVirTech

hCMV ANCHORTM infected cells 4d post-infection (green: viral DNA tagged ANCHORTM, magenta, protein gB) ©NeoVirTech SAS 2023

NeoVirTech is a French biotechnology company that has won multiple awards for their expertise and innovation. They focus their activity on anti-viral discovery by using a unique image based approach. The company develops image-based readout for virology services and high-content imaging of virus infections. Using an innovative tagging approach (called ANCHORTM) NeoVirTech has the ability to follow infection and viral replication in living cells. The company uses its virus collection to discover anti-viral molecules and measure the disinfection potential of decontamination procedures on a broad variety of viruses impacting human and animal health.


A collaboration to foster innovation

The long-term collaboration that exists between the two companies has ensured that access to the state-of-the-art testing facility at NeoVirTech has been uninterrupted, allowing validation of the efficacy of the hRPP product in multiple pre-clinical studies. NeoVirTech has developed specific protocols and readouts to deliver a more rapid, sensitive and robust experimental design. NeoVirTech has detected significant anti-viral properties of hRPP in a collection of viruses of interest from SARS-CoV-2 (pre-VOC/delta/omicron) to viruses having Biodefense application. The unique approach of the hRPP allows the development of complex molecules (>500kDa), clearly different from small molecule inhibitors (1kDa on average) typically entering the clinic.

“We are delighted to see that BioImmunitas have selected NeoVirTech to advance the hRPP innovation through all pre-clinical testing in the anti-viral field. BioImmunitas’ products are unique with robust activity and a multi-level mechanism of action, completely different from what we have ever tested routinely in our laboratory before. NeoVirTech will ensure that the hRPP products are tested with state-of-the-art techniques to move this innovation forward and rapidly position as the new gold standard in the infectious disease field.”
Dr Franck Gallardo, CEO NeoVirTech SAS

“BioImmunitas is privileged to work with NeoVirTech, who have been quite simply outstanding in their work ethic and innovation. Their attention to detail and meticulous planning of experiments has been critical in affording BioImmunitas the chance of accelerating their drug development program in the anti-viral therapeutic space. It is not surprising that NeoVirTech, lead by their CEO Franck Gallardo, are engaged with leading biopharmaceutical companies, Health Ministries and Governments. We look forward to our continued long-term collaboration which we believe will help many millions globally in the future. ”
Professor Syed Haq, CEO BioImmunitas Ltd.

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About NeoVirTech

NeoVirTech develops autofluorescent viruses and viral vectors for imaging and discovery of novel antiviral drug candidates in the fields of human/animal health and biodefense. The company has a catalog of viruses and fluorescent vectors in constant extension and offers access to its proprietary ANCHOR™ technology, the only non-invasive technique to detect DNA dynamics inside living cells. Since the covid19 pandemic, the company is actively involved in SARS-CoV-2 screening campaign and measurement of disinfection procedures.

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About Bio Immunitas Ltd

Bio Immunitas, an innovative EIS-qualified pharmaceutical company, has pioneered the development of a novel treatment that regulates and stabilises the immune system and acts as a potent anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulator with the anti-ageing capability. The safe and efficacious human Recombinant Protein Platform [hRPP] therapy has been developed through several planning and research stages while adapting to the market’s needs.

The platform has a unique multi-level mechanism of action with several key indications: 1) Broad spectrum 2) Anti-inflammatory 3) Anti-SAR-CoV-2 therapy – hospitalised patients 4) Pro-longevity and anti-ageing – cutaneous and systemic 4) The Poxvirus family

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